Performance Metrics for Continuous Delivery / DevOps

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16.03.2015, 19:00 - 21:00 Uhr
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mgm technology partners GmbH
Frankfurter Ring 105a
3. OG
80807 München, Deutschland


Andreas Grabner
Do you consider the performance impact when adding a new JavaScript file, an AJAX call or a new database query to your app? Neglect able you say? I disagree. Small changes can have a severe impact on performance and scalability. Many small changes will have an even bigger impact. If you are working on a delivery pipeline make sure to look into performance, scalability and architectural metrics such as # of Resources on your page, Size of Resources, Number of Requests hitting your web servers, database statements executed, log messages created. Monitoring these metrics allows you to add a new quality gate to your delivery pipeline and prevents major problems.
In this talk you learn a handful of metrics you should know as a dev, tester and ops. We learn why they are important by looking at specific examples that caused problems in real life apps and also how to monitor them.


AK Java User Group

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